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The Latin / Salsa Dance Cities

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The Latin / Salsa Dance Cities .

Finally a concentrated focus Website which brings in Latin Dance Classes, Latin Social Dance scene on a National and International scope, and detailed information on each popuar Latin dance, along with supportive information links, and other items which relates to this topic.

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Friday, December 17, 2004

Mambo Dance Central

Mambo Dance Central

In Ithaca, New York after eight years of refreshing all techniques learned during the 50's through to the early 70's, and then further researching artistic - and ethnological roots of Latina Danza de Arte, the Mambo is the single most important element in Latina Danza Cultura. Mr. Roger M. Christian

What it reveals:

Contructive roots and ethnological artistic links to Danzon and Son de Cuba.

Cross influences of African American ( which includes both South A. and North A. ), Hispanic, Taureg ( Sub Saharan Peoples ), native populations ( predates the imigration of the Spanards ). Latin Jazz, and the diversity of dance moves through out several rural areas of " Primarily " the Island of Cuba.

All are found in not only the subtext of the Salsa Musica Cultura, but more important in some of the dynamics moves which emerged during the Mid-50s - almost lost to todays Latin dancer ( who stills believes that the breaks they do represents the movement of this exciting dance ).

So here in Ithaca, once a dance partner is found and trained then the dramatic release of dance performance, and the impact of romance with Laitna Danza Cultura de Arte will be acted out in pure Latina Danza.

In the mean time, what everyone should have been focusing on, and especially now, is The Escuela Nacional de Arte, University of Havana, Havana, Cuba. This means to pull attention away from New York City, who has been trying to capture Latina Danza de Arte in it's Madison Avenue promotional machinery; and thus trying to make New York City master of this dance movement. Moreover, the Salsa networks which are established should retake up the name description of Latina Danza. Salsa is only " Latina Musica, " and drop the word Salsa.

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Mr. Roger M. Christian

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